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Your phone vibrates. Your mum just liked your status on Facebook. Two minutes later you get a few likes from friends on your latest food shot on Instagram. A minute after and you get a notification that Donald Trump has said something irrational again. It’s an endless spiral of pings, notifications, buzzes and alerts. That is our world today.

Nowadays, we are being bombarded and hurled with humongous amounts of information. We’re drowning helplessly with the distractions around us whether it would be on our phones, tablets, laptops and even TVs (who still owns one? 🤔).

It’s come to the point when it is having an impact on our decision thinking process in which a fairly easy resolution would take twice or thrice as long as it originally would have. 

We want to digest a lot of news from multiple sources, read several reviews before making a purchase, learn a number of topics at once and be as “efficient” as possible when multi-tasking, which is never the case. 

Let’s take a step back and get back to basics, keeping it real simple with my these 5 steps:

  1. Minimise the noise ♻️ by following 1 to 2 sources of information whether be the news or an inspirational person. Get rid of redundancy. 
  2. Spring clean 🚿 your social media accounts. Stop hoarding “friends” on social media accounts. You have only met the person once and you’re unlikely to see them in the future so unfriend or unfollow them. I managed to halve the number of accounts I am following on Twitter and unfollowed 80% of my friends on Facebook. A breath of fresh air!
  3. Step back and take a break if you are having an overdose of information. Work on something else. 
  4. Think of it as an experiment 🔬 when it comes to working with projects where you have learnt something new. 
  5. Stop compulsively learning. You will lose 70% of what you have learnt if you don’t apply it immediately.

How are you keeping yourself sane from this overwhelming world of information? 💪🏼